Terms of Agreement

In references to "I", "me", or "the gallery", they are one in the same.

In references to "you" or "the artist", they are one in the same.

I can work from a jpeg. Send me one photo, or photos of different angles. If the photo is clear enough I can zoom in for details. A page of photos will be created for a single item.

I do not warehouse items. Your piece of art is in your hands until it is purchased. Once purchased, you are responsible for the timely and careful shipment of the art. Once I know that the item has arrived safely, you get paid through Paypal.

You determine your asking price. From that price the gallery expects 10%.* For those who have never dealt with a gallery, the common arrangement is 60% to the gallery. My goal is to allow the artist to keep more of the money made from his/her creative labors. I also wish to keep the art affordable for a larger population of potential buyers.

Unless it is otherwise specified, a shipping and handling charge of only $7.00 will be added to the asking price.** If you feel that $7.00 will not adequately cover the S&H costs of your art, then you must be responsible for arriving at a reasonable cost (contact UPS, Fedex, or the U. S. Postal Service) and that amount will be noted and added to the price.

Tax will also be added to the asking price based on $.08 to the dollar***. If tax is not applicable to the state in which the buyer resides, the amount will be forwarded to the artist as part of the purchase price (less 10%) as the cost of art is relative.


Pricing example: Item for $150.00, *less $15.00 (my 10%), **plus $7.00 S&H, ***plus $12.00 tax on the $150.00 (which goes to the gallery to pay the taxes), equals $169.00 from the buyer, $27.00 to the gallery and $142.00 to you.